Frame dimensions

The number in the cabinet codes refers to the width, in units of 10 centimetres (e.g., KSKH 3 = 30 cm wide).
These cabinet codes apply to a white frame. A letter ‘H’ at the end means a grey frame, as in KSKH 3H.

Base cabinets
Frame depth: 570 mm (and 487 mm). AK base cabinets: height of 900 mm), AKM low base cabinets: height of 760 mm. The dimension includes a 150 mm plinth and a 40 mm worktop.
Wall cabinets
Frame depth: 300 mm, KSK tall wall cabinets and KLAK tall two-way cabinets: height of 990 mm, MSK low wall cabinets, and MLAK low two-way cabinets: height of 710 mm.
Tall cabinets
Single door in 1,905 mm tall cabinets and two doors in 2,070 mm tall cabinets (door heights 703 mm and 1,206 mm). Please confirm the availability of the particular door models desired.
Installation dimensions
The height includes adjustable cabinet legs of 150 mm (or 110 mm).