Highly durable products

The frames of the furnishings are manufactured from high-quality Finnish materials. The white and grey frames are made of damp-proof P3 melamine furniture panels. The Building Information Foundation RTS has approved it for class M1, the strictest in the indoor air classification. It also is entitled to bear the SFS marking. Nearly all edges of the panels are coated, including those out of sight. This prevents moisture from entering the frame structures. The edge strips are made of environment-friendly ABS, whose impact-resistance is better than that of a melamine strip. The thickness of the strip in white and grey frames is 1.2 mm.
The frame packages always include both upper and lower cover strips to facilitate installation.
Frame prices also include:
  • all fittings needed in the assembly
  • quick-fastening high-quality hinges
  • a plinth with plastic adjustable legs
  • circumstripped shelves made of the same material as the frame
  • assembly and installation instructions

All necessary parts are automatically included in the overall cabinet delivery, so there are no hidden extra costs.
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Frame colours

Frame end colours