Fast, hassle-free design and delivery

AKA has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing kitchen furnishings. That is why we can grant a 12-year functionality guarantee for all AKA furnishings. Our kitchen furnishings are standard products available in several sizes and models. Since the delivery time of the furniture is just a couple of business days, you can reserve as much time as you need for the most important part: designing a solidly functional and great-looking kitchen.
Study our range of models and tell us your wishes and needs – we will design your new kitchen together!

The available space and your wishes for your kitchen are the starting points for detailed planning. Expert professionals ensure that all of the pieces click into place. We consider and prepare the dimensions, door models, colours, positioning of household appliances and work areas, and different storage solutions together. Selections for furniture surface materials have an influence on the ease of the cleaning and the service life of the kitchen. A well-designed kitchen is a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution that balances ergonomics, safety, and comfort well.