AKA-Kaluste Oy

AKA-Kaluste is a Finnish family company. The company is considered to have been born in 1967; since then, it has produced and marketed kitchen and bathroom cabinets and wardrobes.
AKA-Kaluste is strongly involved in networking with the most expert professionals in the field. AKA has large in-house stocks including everything found in the price lists. The products are ready for delivery from the stores within a few days of completion of a purchase order.
All operations are facilitated by a highly functional computer-assisted system of operation that is fully tailored to our specific needs as well as those of our customers. It works efficiently and flexibly from the planning of the kitchen all the way to the delivery and beyond, to the follow-up. AKA-Kaluste Oy has a broad network of resellers, many of whom use our special design program for planning and quoting.
Commitment to constant product development and quality is a principle that has been a key factor in AKA Kaluste’s success. Carefully chosen high-quality products and materials assure the quality of every item we sell. In addition to the physical and functional properties of the products, AKA quality also means a very high standard of operation and service.
In credit ratings, AKA-Kaluste Oy is in the best category, AAA, to which just over 5% of Finnish companies belong.